Agustín Sánchez | video| 00.03.00 min | 2013

The video focuses on the act generated by a ritual spell that will give life to anthropomorphic creature, a being in the service of its creator, but his uncontrollable strength is more difficult to control and only the removal of a pendant containing the word "truth" as applied by the wizard during the rite, making it inert reducing it to a pile of clay.

In the video, the magician blows of stick generates a series of events that happened in 1920 by Mahatma Gandhi with his proclamation of "non-violence", the official start of the League of Nations and continues with the first commercial radio through the proclamation of the prohibition to end with the creation of the Golem. All events take on an almost fantastic above human nature, events governed by men who have the power over man and as the Golem every event generated by man, good or bad, the solution remains in the actions of man.